The privacy-first baby camera

Transform your smartphone and laptop into a private baby camera and monitor within minutes. Your family's privacy is paramount - with BeddyBytes, images and videos never leave your devices.

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🏡 Freedom to roam

Keep an eye or ear on your little one from anywhere your WiFi reaches. Popping outside to hang washing just got a whole lot easier.

🔉 Audio only monitoring

For when you just need the basics - BeddyBytes has an audio only mode. Listen to your little one sleeping or playing in another room.

📹 Video and audio monitoring

Watch and listen to your baby sing and chat themselves to sleep.

🔴 Recording

Recording those especially cute moments is just a click away and completely private - recordings are stored on your local storage (i.e. on your own device).

💻 Monitor from multiple devices

Watch your baby on your phone while you're eating lunch that went cold during the putdown. Then switch to monitoring from your laptop while you're working. More than one caregiver can monitor your baby on their own devices (mobiles, tablets and laptops) at the same time.

💚 Environmentally friendly

Most smartphones, tablets and laptops will support BeddyBytes, giving old devices a new lease on life and reducing e-waste.

🔒 Did we mention privacy?

It's our top concern. BeddyBytes is completely private - your images and videos never leave your own devices.

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Use coupon code EARLYACCESS for 70% off.
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